Welcome to Dark Silo

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Dark Silo News

Welcome to the new home of Dark Silo Press. The new digs aren’t as fancy as the previous Web site, but the change to WordPress mirrors the changes coming at the Silo, so a full explanation is worth the effort.

Our first release, Dead Beyond the Fence, was a nice small-press success story. Great reviews, good sales and a lot of anticipatory buzz for our second release, Deep Horror: An Anthology.

Then personal financial issues intervened, and we spent a year trying to duck the bankruptcy bullet. With the help of family, we plugged the holes and though the ship leaks like a cheese grater, we’re floating again.

Dark Silo is Back From the Dead

The economy may not turn around any time soon. Any small business struggles, and we’re no exception. We’d rather cut back on our Web presence than cut back on the quality of our publications. So we thank the folks at WordPress for the nice site and the bottom-line savings.

We will begin publishing fiction again. Watch for announcements for upcoming projects.


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