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dark silo gets “schooled”

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Dark Silo Event
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Dark Silo made a recent appearance at Polaris Expeditionary School (grades 6-12) in Fort Collins, Colorado. The school uses experiential, interactive curriculum to encourage the natural passion for learning. Teacher Ryan Grindel hosts an annual “Zombie Week” to explore the arts – from the visual arts and film to music and writing. (Grindel even throws in some physical development with “zombie workouts” designed by the students.)

Author Brian Kaufman stopped by to talk about his Dark Silo release, “Dead Beyond the Fence.” What he found was a small group (Polaris limits its class sizes) of highly motivated students. “The questions they asked about writing were spot-on,” Kaufman noted. “One student asked about book marketing. Another asked how to ramp up tension in a scene. I don’t often get that kind of question at book signings and readings. And these were young kids!”

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“Ryan Grindel and his students are an amazing team, and the learning culture at Polaris is intriguing. The process is experiential. Students are assessed through things like presentations and portfolios. Grindel is the kind of encouraging, energetic teacher that makes this kind of learning work.”

Students had all read parts of Kaufman’s novel in anticipation of the visit. The question-and-answer session on the craft of writing was put to good use. Each student in the class wrote a zombie narrative as part of the week’s events. Dark Silo intends to post some of the best entries on this blogspot later this month. Be sure to check back for a glimpse at the future stars of genre fiction!