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Posted: March 17, 2013 in Dark Silo News
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Dark Silo Press is pleased to announce that Dead Beyond the Fence: A Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse is now available as a Kindle e-book. The price is reasonable ($3.99) and the book delivers. Here’s the link:

DBTF Cropped cover

What makes our book different from the horde of zombie novels out there?

Kaufman’s writing is riveting, precise and to the point, but he leaves a lot of things unsaid. He gives his readers a lot of credit and trusts them to make connections that most modern authors would feel compelled to explain in a wordy footnote or additional chapter…Dead Beyond the Fence is not just a novel—it’s literature.     Marie Jones (Yahoo Voices)

What sets [Dead Beyond the Fence] apart from other zombie novels on the market is Kaufman’s writing style. His metaphors and descriptions are always vivid. Sometimes they’re aggressive, as in the opening. At other times, they verge on the subliminal.     Maryanne Wells (Undead Bar Association)

I’m still reeling!  It doesn’t happen often, but I give Dead Beyond the Fence and the novella Dread Appetites together five stars out of five.  Easily one of the best zombie stories I’ve read.     Colleen Wanglund (Horror Fiction Review)

No tricks (fast or mutating zombies). Just good, solid writing for the reader who demands a little more than predictable gore.