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Focus on Jack Larson

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dark Silo Press loves Jack Larson. The New Mexico artist has an extraordinary range; from portraits to abstract art. Because he tends toward dark subject matter, he’s the perfect artist for our book covers. But how did he become the master of zombie art? His story will surprise you.

Dead Beyond the Fence #2

In high school, Larson’s art teacher encouraged his pursuit of the visual arts. Because he enjoyed macabre subjects, she suggested he might eventually pursue a career as a mortician. Larson joined the army after high school. He was assigned to Graves Registration (Mortuary Affairs). Later, he worked as an embalmer and a crime scene responder. No surprise, then, that Larson developed an instinctive feel for corpses.

Throughout his working career, Larson kept his love of art alive. The sudden popularity of zombies inspired him to bring his unique perspective and experience to the living dead. The idea of living death as a metaphor for collectivism added subtext to his work.

For a look at Jack’s art, you can visit his blog ( His work is very affordable. Many of his pictures are painted on small 3.5 x 2.5 cards, returning to an old tradition of miniature paintings – affordable for the average man. Larson also sculpts, from full-sized statures to tiny key chains.

Facebook fans can “like” Jack’s page at (