“Mary King’s Plague” is a hit

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Dark Silo News

“Mary King’s Plague,” the eBook novella from Dark Silo Press, is a hit. Author Brian Kaufman’s dark historical fiction clearly struck a note with readers.

Edinburgh, Scottland

Edinburgh, Scottland

“The historical aspect is appealing,” Kaufman notes. “But I think the real draw may be the ‘fun house’ factor. Mary King’s Close is presented as a 17th century haunted house. In some ways, Edinburgh hasn’t changed all that much.”

In old Scotland, a “close” was a small, densely-packed neighborhood, built perpendicular to the main road. The historical Mary King’s Close was a poor but bustling business district. Kaufman exaggerated the haphazard architecture, turning seven-story cluster of buildings into a dark, dangerous maze.

Mary King's Plaque Cover

Kaufman also took legends of the plague of 1644 and made them part of a zombie outbreak.

Despite the comic-book aspects of the tale, the novella takes a serious look at betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. “The walking dead are a great metaphor for betrayal,” Kaufman explains. “Everlasting life? Sure, but not the way the Church imagines it. It’s creepy.”

“‘Mary King’s Plague’ is a tense and violent tale combining zombies, gore, action and sexual politics in 17th century Scotland. Brian Kaufman reminds us why his zombies are the nastiest and most relentless.”

            ~Desmond Reddick, Dread Media



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