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coming in 2014

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Dark Silo News

Dark Silo Press suffered a terrible loss earlier this month with the passing of our book designer, Brent Hauseman. Brent was a Renaissance man—musician, artist and graphics designer. (The latter made him a great book designer.) His death left us scrambling, and the result may surprise you. We’re actively seeking outside submissions, particularly horror novellas.

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The novella may well be the perfect form for the horror story. No one reads a novel cover to cover, and upon setting the book down, the suspension of disbelief necessary to make the story work may be lost. But a novella can be read in one sitting, and if the writer is skillful, the reader can get lost in a single, devastating nightmare.

More, the novella is the perfect match to the movie script. The scope is the same. The pacing is similar. And horror fans often begin their fascination with the genre with movies, which means they find the form accessible.

Novellas have not always been a marketable form (with the notable exception of Stephen King collections). But the eBook reader changed all that. Suddenly, authors like Greg Gifune, Ronald Malfi and Susan Hill are able to haunt us through our Kindles, Nooks and Kobos.  Dark Silo already plans to release one eBook novella in March (more on that later), and would like to publish several more throughout the course of the year.

What does this mean for you? If you are an author with a horror novella (80-140 pages), we might just be the perfect publisher for you. Visit our submissions page for guidelines. You may find that this year is the year your dreams of publication come true.


goodbye to a friend

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Dark Silo News

Sad news at Dark Silo. Brent Hauseman, our book and cover designer, passed away last Sunday. Brent was a fine graphics artist, responsible for the cover design of Mary King’s Plague. Brent also did the book design, cover art and cover design for Jason Richter’s Mating Rituals of Migratory Humans (published by our sister company, Pernicious Press). Brent’s expertise was earned on the job – he’d spent nearly a decade designing books and covers for Weston Distance Learning in Fort Collins, Colorado.


In addition to his graphic arts work, Brent was a fine musician. During his active playing years, he played with country and bluegrass notables (including David Grisman). Brent’s combined his love of music and art by designing album art for names like Jerry Garcia and Doc Watson. (Brent designed the cover for Dawgnation – the album posted here.)

Services were held at the First Baptist Church of Loveland, Colorado (where is father was Pastor for years).

Brent was a kind and gentle man (horror genre connection not withstanding). He will be missed.