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Posted: October 21, 2014 in Dark Silo Event, Dark Silo News

We are very pleased to announce two new eBook novellas to be published before the new year. And here’s a surprise – both stories involve hauntings. Not a zombie in sight. First up is T.S. Robert’s Crystal Rose, a paranormal thriller about a team of paranormal investigators. This is not your average team of ghost hunters up against their first “real” case. Crystal Rose is part mystery, part horror, spiced with paranormal romance. Robert’s characters are unforgettable, and the layered mystery behind the hauntings involves more than one stunning twist. Author Roberts lives and writes in Idaho.


The second release, due in December, is a haunted house tale from Brian Kaufman. The Wretched Walls is the story of Garrett Jenkins, home renovator. What happens when his first remodel uncovers disturbing old pornographic photos? The mystery depends, in part, in Garrett’s past. Or is it his future? In the house of wretched walls, the answer blurs into horror.

Coming in February, the long promised Mary King’s Plague and Other Tales of Woe, a print collection of author Brian Kaufman’s horror novellas.

More projects on the way. Dark Silo – read and die screaming.