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The Taint.inddEric S. Brown, author of the Kaiju Apocalypse series (with Jason Cordova), the Bigfoot War series (watch for the Orion release, starring Judd Nelson) and Season of Rot (among others) is bringing his brand of apocalyptic horror to Dark Silo.

We’re proud to announce Eric’s eBook novella, The Taint, a zombie thriller like none you’ve read before. Fans of Mythos fiction will understand: The Great Old One has awakened, allying monsters and the undead against mankind. The only thing standing in the ancient god’s way is a secret order of the Catholic Church…and a high-tech battleship on its shakedown cruise. Let the carnage begin!

The book features a Jack Larson cover, along with six original monochrome illustrations. Fans of Dark Silo rejoice – available January 21st. Look for it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


Crystal Rose_final small (1)Crystal Rose by T.S. Roberts is now available for purchase in Kindle and Nook editions. The riveting novella features a clever, layered plot, seasoned with elements of both horror and paranormal romance.

Crystal  is a gifted paranormal investigator. With the help of her team, she’s been able to solve cases that defy conventional methods. But a new case brings strange connections to the past, before the accident that took her memory. And unlike previous cases, dark forces threaten Crystal and her friends, turning them against each other. This time, they may not survive.

Who is Crystal Rose, really? Don’t ask her. She doesn’t know.

T.S. Robert’s Crystal Rose is a real page turner, an exciting ghost story filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”

~Kenneth W. Harmon, author of The Amazing Mr.   Howard and Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell

 T.S. Robert’s prose is full energy. The fiction is hard-hitting and a love for the genre shines through.

~Eric S. Brown, author of How Fragile the Soul and Season of Rot