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Dark Silo Artist Publishes Books

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Dark Silo News

Artist Jack Larson does all of the covers for Dark Silo publications. And, he supports himself with his art (a great accomplishment). But his talents don’t stop there. Jack has released two books in the last few months, and they are worth checking out.


The first of Larson’s two publications is Zombie Marketing: The Epidemiology of Brand Awareness. Designed to help Indy creators (writers, musicians and artists) build a brand using social media. Want to make your art go viral? Jack will tell you how, step by step, using the metaphor of a global pandemic to illustrate viral marketing.

The second book is a biographical explanation of Jack’s art. Death’s Driver: The Life of a Body Transporter covers Larson’s decade asDeath's Driver a hearse driver and state morgue worker, and the effect his experiences had on his art. Want a glimpse into a side of life people seldom see – a side kept hidden…for a reason? Artists will be fascinated by the darkest of inspirations. And Dark Silo fans will get a glimpse into the genius behind the cover art they love.

Has reading all of the Dark Silo books left you hungry for another good read? Follow the links.