End of Year Honors for Dark Silo

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Dark Silo News

The Horror Fiction Review is a fine online resource for horror fiction readers.

Crystal Rose_final small (1)The publication began in 2003 as an old-school fanzine—generally a 14-20 paged, stapled-Xerox publication featuring reviews of horror novels, occasional film reviews, and author interviews. In 2008, the fanzine became an online publication. Today, The Horror Fiction Review offers reviews of horror fiction, written for fans, by fans.

Staff writer Jon R. Meyers posted his Top-Ten List for 2015, including two Dark Silo Publications. T.S. Roberts’ Crystal Rose was listed at #9: “This was a great tale about a brilliant paranormal investigation. It was very well written and given the content it was unique and clever in all the right ways.”

Brian Kaufman’s The Wretched Walls was listed at #4. “The Wretched Walls is a clever and unique tale set in a haunted Victorian age house. There Wretched Walls_final smallwere dark secrets in this once thriving Bordello of Blood, and a nice, creepy collection of vintage pornography hidden inside a black box in the walls.”

The #1 spot on the top ten list was taken (of course) by Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Dark Silo is deeply appreciative of The Horror Fiction Review for digging deep and finding our gems in a crowded marketplace.


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