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scream-magazine-2“…the twists are completely unexpected – as in mouth hanging open, what just happened? shock. This is a dark and gripping tale, and scattered throughout the novella are some excellent bleak and brooding illustrations by Jack Larson that match the tone perfectly.” ~Scream Magazine

Scream Magazine“the world’s number one horror magazine” has weighed in on Erik Hofstatter’s story, Rare BreedsFour out of four stars for the critically acclaimed novella.

What makes the plot so compelling? Hofstatter starts with the recognizable (in this case, the modern family) and turns it inside out. Starburst Magazine notes:

“Hofstatter’s great talent is to spiral believable, realistically drawn characters into an ever more bizarre and worsening situation, so that what starts off as clearly defined normality becomes increasingly fantastical and troubling, but always remains believable…There are some delightfully perverse plot twists in Rare Breeds that will draw you deeper and deeper into darker territory as the story goes along. And, yes, the ending will linger long in your mind.”

Rare Breeds is available, both in print and eBook versions.