Dark Silo Press was initially conceived as an imprint of Last Knight Publishing. With the first novel in print, Last Knight would launch the imprint as a separate company. Editor Charles Kaine and author Brian Kaufman had a good working relationship, having previously published two books, including The Breach, a historical novel about the Alamo, and The Apocalypse Parable, a thriller about a private investigator hired to find Jesus.Well into the new project, Kaine agreed to allow the press its own direction, continuing to assist and consult. We would like to acknowledge that help and assistance. Without it, Dark Silo wouldn’t exist.

This is an odd time to start a publishing company. The industry is in transition, reeling from the recession. Brick-and-mortar bookstores either neglect or ignore horror novels. Yet here we are. We believe that the new horror community is alive and well on the Web. And we’re going to prove it, one book at a time.


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