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SigningDark Silo released a print edition of Brian Kaufman’s Mary King’s Plague and Other Tales of Woe this week. The release party, held at the Wild Boar Coffee Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, was a success.

The atmosphere at the Boar was perfect for conversation, and the author dispensed with the usual reading format in favor of mingling. Writers from several local writers groups exchanged notes, and the event turned into a bit of a networking opportunity.

Copies of the new book can be purchased at And watch for an announcement of the next Dark Silo release, coming in October. Hint: The author lives across the pond…


Better Late than Never

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Dark Silo News

Mary King's Woe Cover For OnlineWe first announced this project more than a year ago. Sometimes, the devil’s in the details (as opposed to “the devil’s in the little girl”). But we’re pleased to announce that the newest Dark Silo title is available in print. Mary King’s Plague and Other Tales of Woe can be purchased at for just $11.95.

Author Brian Kaufman’s latest contains 272 pages of horrific goodness, including three complete novellas, not yet in print. Two novellas (Mary King’s Plague and The Wretched Walls) have been available only in eBook versions. The third novella, The Honey Gatherer, is only available in this print version. The book also contains a short essay discussing horror and the novella form.

The Wretched Walls was selected as a top ten horror read for 2015 by The Horror Fiction Review. 

“. . . on par with Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe for setting the tone of a piece and maintaining a constant level of intensity from beginning to end. The characters were incredibly complex for such a short book.”  ~Online Book Club

“You’ll spend the last half of the novella terrified of finding out the truth. Kaufman draws you in with his character work so well, you don’t even realize when he’s begun to scare you…” ~Desmond Reddick, Dread Media

Kaufman will host an official book launch later in July or early August. Stay tuned for details!


The Horror Fiction Review is a fine online resource for horror fiction readers.

Crystal Rose_final small (1)The publication began in 2003 as an old-school fanzine—generally a 14-20 paged, stapled-Xerox publication featuring reviews of horror novels, occasional film reviews, and author interviews. In 2008, the fanzine became an online publication. Today, The Horror Fiction Review offers reviews of horror fiction, written for fans, by fans.

Staff writer Jon R. Meyers posted his Top-Ten List for 2015, including two Dark Silo Publications. T.S. Roberts’ Crystal Rose was listed at #9: “This was a great tale about a brilliant paranormal investigation. It was very well written and given the content it was unique and clever in all the right ways.”

Brian Kaufman’s The Wretched Walls was listed at #4. “The Wretched Walls is a clever and unique tale set in a haunted Victorian age house. There Wretched Walls_final smallwere dark secrets in this once thriving Bordello of Blood, and a nice, creepy collection of vintage pornography hidden inside a black box in the walls.”

The #1 spot on the top ten list was taken (of course) by Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Dark Silo is deeply appreciative of The Horror Fiction Review for digging deep and finding our gems in a crowded marketplace.

Dark Silo Artist Publishes Books

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Dark Silo News

Artist Jack Larson does all of the covers for Dark Silo publications. And, he supports himself with his art (a great accomplishment). But his talents don’t stop there. Jack has released two books in the last few months, and they are worth checking out.


The first of Larson’s two publications is Zombie Marketing: The Epidemiology of Brand Awareness. Designed to help Indy creators (writers, musicians and artists) build a brand using social media. Want to make your art go viral? Jack will tell you how, step by step, using the metaphor of a global pandemic to illustrate viral marketing.

The second book is a biographical explanation of Jack’s art. Death’s Driver: The Life of a Body Transporter covers Larson’s decade asDeath's Driver a hearse driver and state morgue worker, and the effect his experiences had on his art. Want a glimpse into a side of life people seldom see – a side kept hidden…for a reason? Artists will be fascinated by the darkest of inspirations. And Dark Silo fans will get a glimpse into the genius behind the cover art they love.

Has reading all of the Dark Silo books left you hungry for another good read? Follow the links.


Brad Steiger on CRYSTAL ROSE

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Dark Silo News

bwbradCrystal Rose is a novel about a paranormal investigator and her team. Great read, but what would a real paranormal investigator think of the book?

Brad Steiger is the author of Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. Brad has published 181 books, and has more than 17 million copies in print. His work on the paranormal earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National UFO and Unexplained Phenomena Conference (1996). He’s appeared on television with Tom Brokaw, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, David Suskind and David Brinkley. Brad is married to Sherry Steiger, minister and author/coauthor of 45 books on spirituality, animal awareness and the paranormal.

Brad’s reputation in the paranormal field is extraordinary. The Oklahoma Daily notes, “A veteran of seeking answers in the realm where the questions are still uncertain, Steiger is one of the most widely known and respected investigators of unexplained occurrences.” The San Francisco Examiner advises, “Suspend disbelief when you talk to this man…He is intelligent, articulate, plausible.”

We asked Brad to take time out of his busy schedule to review Crystal Rose. This is what he had to say:

“Crystal Rose is a fast-moving, smoothly written story of a team of paranormalists who investigate hauntings. In the course of their professional quests to aid both the haunted and the hauntees, they discover mystery, suspense, chills–even love. Who could ask for anything more in a paranormal novel?”

The folks at Dark Silo are pretty proud to have an author of Brad Steiger’s stature take a look at our novelette. Those interested in learning more about Brad and Sherry (and their amazing bibliography) can visit their Web site at:

Wretched Walls_final thumbWhile renovating an old home, Garrett Jenkins finds an antique box full of vintage 1920s pornography hidden in the walls. Who was the woman in the photos? Is there a connection to the presence Garrett suspects is haunting the home? As curiosity turns to obsession, the restoration of the building suffers. His mother’s life savings and his girlfriend’s hopes for the future are on the line. But with each new discovery, Garrett steps closer to a shattering truth that may end in madness.

The Wretched Walls, a novella by Brian Kaufman. Dying alone would be better.

The Wretched Walls is a novel that can easily fill you with dread. The strange occurrences may be enough to give you chills, but what will keep you at the edge of your seat is the novel’s use of psychological horror… this book is definitely one that made my skin crawl.” Airam Valarde  (Online Book Club)

“A slow burn about haunted obsession. You’ll spend the last half of the novella terrified of finding out the truth. Kaufman draws you in with his character work so well, you don’t even realize when he’s begun to scare you…” (Desmond Reddick, Dread Media)

The Taint.inddEric S. Brown’s The Taint is now available on Amazon for the Kindle (coming to the Nook and Kobo this week). The Great Old One is awake – and the stuff of nightmares have risen up with him, spreading a blight across the world. The dead have returned, laying waste to the world of man. All that stands in the way of total death and destruction is a secret religious order, armed with courage, some ancient rituals, and…a battleship. It’s the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never experienced it before.

Eric S Brown is the author of numerous books including the Bigfoot War series, the Kaiju Apocalypse series (with Jason Cordova), and the A Pack of Wolves series. Some of his stand alone books include War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies, World War of the Dead, Last Stand in a Dead Land, The Weaponer, and Kaiju Armageddon. The first book of his Bigfoot War series is now a feature film from Origin Releasing. Eric also writes an ongoing comic book news column for The Guide and has scripted books for Unstoppable Comics. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.

The Taint includes some interior illustrations by the cover artist, Jack Larson. Jack is a self-taught artist who has been painting and selling macabre art since 2009. Although he began painting as a teenager, he didn’t take it seriously as an occupation, and instead enlisted in the U.S. Army immediately after high school. His training as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist prepared him for a decade long career in the death-care profession which included embalming, decedent transportation, and homicide cleanup. The years he spent away from art prepared him for the business side of being an artist, as well as providing him with the experiences and sights that inspire his work today.