Our Books

“T.S. Robert’s Crystal Rose is a real page turner, an exciting ghost story filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.” Kenneth W. Harmon, author of The Amazing Mr.   Howard and Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell

“I’m still reeling!  It doesn’t happen often, but I give Dead Beyond the Fence and the novella Dread Appetites together five stars out of five.  Easily one of the best zombie stories I’ve read.” Colleen Wanglund, Horror Fiction Review 

Mary King’s Plague accomplishes no small feat: creating developed characters, surprising turns and a well-described outbreak. The unique setting and time period creates an immersive backdrop to this engaging tale of the undead.” Kingstown Ted, Horror Etc. Podcast

The Taint     Kindle     Nook

The Wretched Walls     Kindle

Crystal Rose     Kindle    Nook     Kobo

Mary King’s Plague     Kindle

Dead Beyond the Fence     Print      Kindle     Nook     Kobo                                   

DBTF Cropped coverCrystal Rose_final small (1)

Mary King's Plaque Cover

 The Taint.inddWretched Walls_final thumb


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